Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Substance News is continuing to transition to a more effective online presence. This is only the first iteration of the Substance blog, as future ones will be hosted by our host. Until we notify you, however, this will be our primary blog.

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Lotty b said...

1)Duncan and his man did not recreate vo-ed. He hired Jill Wine-Banks (Board Pres Scott actually) who did that in 5 years. Then Duncan dismissed her (she tried to replace people with clout). The director of vo-ed post was vacant from May to Oct. 2008. He then put a buddy in. He took the buddy to Wash. and claimed credit for what Wine-Banks did. 2) At a luncheon on May 27, James Ward suddenly announced the State (Madigan's aide told him) will decrease the reinbursement for medical. He did not say who to call about this.3) someone should look into the number of lawsuits against the Board for discrimination of all Federal protected groups. Here's how to lessen the budget. Tell and teach principals to quit trying to get away with discrimination. Then the law department payouts and legal fees will decrease. Someone tell Huberman.

Lotty b said...

It's tragic that Michael Scott's intelligence and sensitivity made him realize the violence and harm done to studens, faculty and staff caused by carrying out Daley's orders. The evil done by Ren 2010 has not only caused physical harm but harm to the minds of all. Daley's evil plans have caused all of this.

This is my view,